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Sweetie (2020)

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Tomato ‘Sweetie’ is a fantastic new variety, a super-sweet red cherry tomato with high sugar content and full bodied tomato flavour.
The Indeterminate tall vine plants produce a high yield of season long fruits weighing around 14 to 28 grams (½ to 1oz) and approx 2 to 4cm (¾ to 1½in) in diameter. Resistant to alternarium stem canker. The plants are early, vigorous and reliable, producing crack resistant, high quality fruit even in adverse conditions. 65 days to maturity

Growing in long clusters, the delicious fruits can be eaten right off the vine. Unlike most cherry tomatoes, the fruit can be picked when small for ‘on the vine’ toms or, if left to grow, they are large enough to use as regular tomatoes.

Tomato Sweetie are deal for eating fresh as an appetiser, in salads or relishes. The high sugar content makes the fruit a good choice for juice or preserves.

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