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Bloody Butcher (2020)

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Despite the off-putting name, Tomato ‘Bloody Butcher’ is more than just a novelty, it is a reliably early heritage variety, its origins believed to be Germany. The name derives from its glorious deep red colour, both inside and out.
Famously early, Bloody Butcher it is often the first variety to ripen in and out of the greenhouse. It produces a prolific crop of globe shaped, golf ball sized fruits. They pack a wonderful old-time tomato taste that rival any beefsteak tomato four times its size. It is a popular variety that is still uncommon in cultivation.

Bloody Butcher is a very prolific, potato leaf variety, it has a disease resistance as good as most hybrids. The sturdy, 180cm (6ft) indeterminate vines bear five to nine juicy, deep red fruits per cluster. The medium sized, deep-red skinned fruits are not uniform in size, with some rounded and smaller, the larger fruits looking almost like a beefsteak, they are mostly blemish free.

It is an excellent choice if you want a very early tomato or live in a cold climate, the fruits ripen quickly so this variety is excellent for short summer areas. 55 to 60 days to maturity.

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