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Андреевский сюрприз (2020)

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The variety was developed by Siberian breeders. The variety is indeterminate, which means that its growth is unlimited. Tomatoes can grow up to 2 m. The tomato leaf of this variety is medium in size and differs in dark green color. Every 3 leaves the plant forms an inflorescence. The flowers are bisexual, self-pollinated, but it is also possible to pollinate each other with the wind and insects. The first bunch appears after 8-9 leaves form. Tomatoes ripen gradually, starting from the lower clusters.

The taste of tomatoes is determined by the sugar and acid content. The more sunny days, the higher this ratio, the better the tomato taste. The fruit has a great taste, in addition to which it has several other properties:

     The fruit is flat round, smooth, medium density.
     The color of the flesh and skin of ripe tomatoes is rich, pink.
     The flesh is dense and juicy, multi-chambered.
     Fruit weight 150-300 g, can reach 600 g.

     Very good taste.

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