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Black Plum (2020)

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Black Plum tomatoes are a Russian heirloom variety, said to have been acquired by Seed Savers Exchange in the early 1990s from Marina Danilenko of Moscow, Russia and introduced in the United States circa 1994. Black Plum is a fairly hardy cultivar and will produce in cooler temperatures as well as in hot, dry climates.

The original Russian name for the Black Plum tomato is not known, however this cultivar is very similar to several Russian varieties such as De Barao Black and Black Mavr.

Black Plum tomatoes have an elongated egg-like shape similar to roma tomatoes, though they have slightly thinner walls. They grow to about three inches long and have strong, crack-resistant, mahogany-brown skin with a touch of green at the stem. Their meaty flesh has few seeds, high sugar and acid levels.

The indeterminate disease-resistant plants grow to an average of four to six feet, continuing to produce high yields of the little fruit throughout the season along sprawling vines.

Black Plum tomatoes have a rich, smoky-sweet flavor and low moisture content, ideal for making tomato sauce, however they are juicy enough to be eaten fresh. Simply drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper, or layer slices of Black Plum with basil and mozzarella for a fresh Caprese salad. Black plum is so sweet and meaty that some people actually prefer it to roma tomatoes for making sauces.

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