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What is a TOMATO Cat

TOMATO Cat is an online catalog of all the shallow varieties of tomatoes grown in our greenhouse. The catalog is designed as a collector's work for about 10 years. Each variety we grow is accompanied by pictures and a short description. We have registered in the register of collectors of the State Plant Protection Service

What is the purpose of TOMATO Cat?

The aim of our work is to gather information about the suitability of the various available tomato varieties for cultivation in our conditions.

Our goal is not to propagate tomato seeds and seedlings for commercial purposes. We see the main value as preserving the diversity of tomato varieties and giving those who want to experiment in their garden or greenhouse - to get planting material.

What do we offer?

TOMATO Cat offers visitors to the catalog to get samples of tomato seeds for their small garden so that everyone can enjoy the world of diversity of tomato varieties on their own farm.